440 years ago the first quotation of “Verdicchio” referred to Matelica

440 years ago the first quotation of “Verdicchio” referred to Matelica

440 years ago the first quotation of Verdicchio referred to Matelica

The first proof of viticulture in Matelica

Fossil grapeseed

The cultivation of the grape is very ancient in the territory of Matelica. The most famous proof is represented by the fossil grapeseed of Vitis vinifera found, as a component of the funeral inventory of a Picentes prince, in the tomb of “Villa Clara”.
There have been several testimonies of the goodness of the wines produced in “Alta Vallesina” (the territory included from Fabriano to Camerino) such as the chronicles of the historic Cimarelli, those of the poet Francesco Panfilo (“Le lodi del vino) or the wine’s chronicles of the papal doctor Andrea Bacci (De Naturali Vinorum Historia)
Over the centuries there have been many notary deeds that mark donations and passages of vineyard ownership from which, for example, the various locations that were best suited to the cultivation of grapevine.



When Verdicchio grape appear for the first time in Matelica

The first quotation of the term “Verdichio” (with only one C!) traces back to the 12 January 1579 in a notary deed drawn up in Matelica by the notary Giovanni Govemoli. This exceptional discovery, preserved at the Archivio di Stato di Macerata sezione di Camerino, is due to Professor Maria Fiorella Conti who presented it in the conference “The Verdicchio di Matelica through the centuries: the historical path of viticulture in the territory of Appenninia, prospects for development at the dawn of the third millennium” held in Matelica in 1999.

In this important document, four gentlemen of Matelica ratified an agreement that, among other things, reads: “Item se obliga piantarvi tutti buoni vitiami, et per di più Verdichio et Brungentile” that mean “you have to plant only good grape varieties, more Verdichio and Brungentile”. Here is the first historical quotation of Verdicchio grape referred to Matelica!


From the 1800s to today

Over the nineteenth century many scientists described Verdicchio as the “most valuable Italian grape among the white berry vines of the Marche Region”. An important description of the wine and wine characteristics of the “Verdicchio bianco” vine was compiled in the “Ampelographic Bulletin”, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1876-1887.
The consecration of the Verdicchio di Matelica took place later on two historical dates: July 12, 1967 (DOC recognition) and March 1, 2010 (attribution of DOCG for the Riserva version, confirming the great capacity of the wine to improve over the time).


Stamp of Verdicchio di Matelica Riserva DOCG

In addition to the numerous awards and awards received by Verdicchio di Matelica in wine competitions and from wine guides, in 2015 Poste Italiane also celebrated the Verdicchio di Matelica Riserva DOCG with the issue of a special stamp in the thematic series ” Made in Italy” dedicated to Italian food and wine excellence – the Docg- wine of the philatelic program 2015.
A path that, through the centuries, has helped to recognize to Verdicchio di Matelica all the characteristics to represent a great Italian wine, expression of a unique terroir, rich in history and culture.